Pantera Stability


I was flying my Pantera recently and my confidence levels were rising, so I decided to increase all throws to 100 percent and set up tail rotor for better control with an updated gyro and servo.  Well I had the tail controls set to high and when I did a pirrouette the link popped off the servo.  Didn't know it while it was happening though.  Just thought that the gyro was set up wrong.  So I did a pirrouette and then went into a flip and the tail blew out.  It made me uncomfortable so I decided to bring it back and tweak the settings.  She came back towards the runway ok but when I went to make a turn for my final approach there was no tail rotor.  She was hanging 30 feet above two airplane pilots who were flying at the time and I yelled out that she was coming in hard with no tail control.  That Pantera is so stable that it stayed under some control and after pitching forward and letting the tail weathervane and little to no throttle movements in idle up, which I switched off knowing it was heading into the ground, I was able to make a turn and flew her to the ground like a landing airplane to a skidding stop on the runway.  I was amazed that the Pantera was stable enough to allow me to react in time for my first ever tail rotor failure.  Kudos to John and his Pantera design.