You might be in Panteradise if . . .


You might be in Panteradise if . . .

. . . your face hurts from smiling ear-to-ear for a full tank of fuel because the Pantera was just so pleasant to fly. . . . you pull out of a monster stall turn about 6 feet off the ground - hauling butt - and your Pantera locks into her heading for the full length of the field and just keeps going like there's no end in sight.

. . . you don't feel guilty about the money you spend on toy helicopters because you know your Pantera is several hundred dollars less expensive than the latest greatest, exotic creation out there. . . . you can equate how comfortable the Pantera is to fly with how comfortable you feel in your favorite recliner. . . . you put your Pantera back in the car after burning another 4 tanks and realize you can't even remember the last time you actually had to do anything to your helicopter to be ready for the next flying session. ... other pilots compliment you on how smoothly you fly and you know deep down that that the Pantera is more responsible for this than you are.

... your plank flying buddies go crazy when they see your Pantera making a beautiful - moderate speed low pass - with the landing gear skids scraping down the center of the runway for about 20 feet!

... you find yourself enjoying how smoothly the Pantera cruises around about as much as you enjoy how much fun she is when you're banging the sticks around.

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You go mild to wild so fast that your own cat runs from you after a day of flying!

My name is Billm and I'm a Heli Holic

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For me, Panteradise is a little different because it's a state of mind instead of a place.

It's that good feeling I get while driving home from a successful day flying with friends - with an intact helicopter. Unlike days when something broke, or I crashed, Panteradise is the bliss I experience where everything went well. Panteradise is reflecting as I drive how with just a charge my model will be ready for the next weekend (as opposed to having to fix something because I dumb thumbed my model into terra firma). It's not so much that I don't like working on my models because I take pleasure when wiping my model down at the end of the day while examining everything (and lubing things which need it) before I put it away, e.g. routine maintenance . . . but more that I don't like having to work on my model because it's broken. That's entirely too much like work (of which I get plenty during the week). There's a big difference. So Panteradise could be said to be the state of mind I have when I drive home while mentally reviewing my flights, reflecting on my friends flights, and anticipating next Saturday morning. It's when the world's problems are none of my concern and all is good.